Program Overview

The BSc Accounting and Finance is designed for students with an interest in one or both areas of accounting or finance. This program gives you the foundation skills of both accounting and finance (management accounting, financial accounting, and corporate finance) and then allows you significant freedom to pick from a range of optional modules to suit your developing interests. A wide range of professional accreditations to accelerate your career (ACCA, CIMA and CFA) depending on the optional courses you take.

Main Objectives

The objective of this program is To provide a strong foundation in accounting and finance, keeping in view the practical applicability of the knowledge gained, to develop strong project management skill and also, to develop analytical and auditing skills with respect to accounting and finance

Expected learning outcomes

On successful completion of this program, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • Foundational disciplines of management, including economics, business mathematics and statistics;
  • Business organizations in their technological, economic, fiscal, legal and political contexts;
  • The processes of management and decision making;
  • Accounting and financial management in its major contexts, including the legal and social environments, the business entity and capital markets (A) and the integral nature of the accounting function in the successful management of organizations;
  • Selected alternative techniques and practices in accounting and financial management;
  • The development, management and exploitation of information systems and their impact on organizations.

Program Duration

Three years full time.

Target Audience

This BSc. Degree program is open to G.C.E Advanced Level holders, diploma holders from varied fields of studies, and degree holders of different programs who are interested in gaining knowledge in the fields of accounting, finance and micro-finance.

Career Opportunities

The anticipated destination of students in this area is management roles in a wide range of private, public and third sector organizations, including social enterprises, particularly for innovative persons. Students are also equipped with the required skills to set up their own businesses after graduation.