The BSc Banking and Microfinance is designed to develop specialist knowledge across the core areas of banking, finance and Microfinance and provides the grounding required for graduates to be functionally competent in the field of study. The program provides the academic foundation and practical training for persons who are working in the banking and financial services sector or who are interested in a career in the sector.

Main Objectives

The main objective is to develop practical skills and understanding of theory to better position learners to respond to the performance demands of the financial sector of the economy. Furthermore, it is to develop requisite knowledge, attitudes, and application of skills aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations in the sector.

Expected Learning Outcomes

On completion of this program the successful student will have knowledge and understanding of:

  • The fundamental concepts at the core of financial and economic knowledge comprising microeconomics, macroeconomics, investments and corporate finance.
  • How to apply financial concepts and techniques to solve ‘business world’ problems.
  • Quantitative & computing methods applicable for economics and finance;
  •  Modern financial institutions and markets;
  • Modern banking systems and monetary theory and policy;
  • Finance theory and risk management.

Program Duration:

Three years full time.

Target Audience

The target group for this program is G.C.E Advanced Level holders, diploma holders from varied fields of studies, and degree holders of different programs who are interested in building a career in the fields of banking, finance and microfinance.

Career Opportunities

The anticipated destination of students holding this degree is management roles in a wide range of financial sector organizations (including social enterprises).