The Entrepreneurship and management programme is for students who know that they would like to start, run their own business, and become professional business managers, who want the support and tools that a Bachelor programme in Entrepreneurship and Management Business can give them. Students will be required to have an international outlook, and speak good English. These students will have ambition, optimism and good general communication skills. They will be imaginative, artistic, conceptual thinkers and have good social networks. The program pathway will enable future entrepreneurs to more readily adapt to the changing environment, through the use of their learned skills, competencies and knowledge, thus also maximizing the avoidance of company failure. In cases where companies do fail, trained entrepreneurs will be more capable of ensuring continuation than those who are not specifically educated in the field of entrepreneurship.

Our program is designed to give rise to future entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and business professionals. The program is designed to provide basic understanding about entrepreneurship, innovation, administration and management to effectively train the students in communication skills while improving entrepreneurship skills. The students are prepared to avail and explore opportunities being newly created in management profession. In a rapidly changing business environment, today’s leaders need not only to manage but to innovate, create, and inspire. This programme develops the knowledge, skills and abilities that modern day leaders and entrepreneurs need in order to thrive in their chosen career path.

Main Objective

The main goal of this programme is to provide basics of entrepreneurship and management in the fields of organization, economics and business operation, as well as to prepare students for further master studies and to give an insight into practical application of acquired knowledge. The Programme aims to produce graduates with the skills, knowledge and values necessary to pursue a career in business. To promote critical awareness of the merits and complexities of entrepreneurship management and to instill an appreciation of the association between theory and practice as an entrepreneur, and to introduce students to important new developments in the field of business management and to enable them to develop appropriate innovation, change management practical and transferable skills.

Expected learning outcomes

Studying Entrepreneurship and Management is important today because it provides the majority of employment and is the driver of economic success and growth. It is a great opportunity to gain a degree that is clearly focused on your long-term career prospects in a wide variety of contexts. Whether you are thinking of setting up your own business, working in a large corporation or the public sector you will need to possess an understanding of how businesses operate and how skilled managers can contribute to their success. You will get the knowledge of analyzing core business activities, such as the management of people, marketing and business operations and examine the principles and practices of entrepreneurship.

Programme Duration

Three years Target Audience

  • Any student with GCE “A” Level/Baccalaureate/ equivalent qualification recognized by PAID/WA
  •  Mature career professionals with at least two years working/business ownership experience

Career Opportunities

An entrepreneur in business can fulfill two main functions; the driver of new business ventures itself (entrepreneur), or the driver of innovation and change within existing business (intrapreneur). The profile only essentially differs between these two roles in the requirements of the level of ability to take risk and aptitude for taking opportunity. Both the ability to judge risk and being aware of opportunity are competencies required at both ends of this profile’s spectrum.