This is a 3-year Bachelors degree program leading to the award of a BSc. in Human Resource Management. It provides a strong foundation in both development studies and human resource management, making graduates well-rounded to fit in today’s competitive marketplace.

Main Objective

To provide students with current human resource management knowledge and skills to make them successful and productive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Expected Learning Outcomes

The program prepares students to graduate to the entry level of Human Resource Management professionals with requisite knowledge and skills. At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate the significance of human resource management in organizations
  • Apply a knowledge of human resource theories and concepts in the workplace
  • Function as a effective and efficient human resource management practitioner.

Program Duration

Three academic years of 6 Semesters. Target Audience Candidates with ‘A’ Level or equivalent qualifications who wish to enter the professional market as practitioners or consultants in Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Public Relations, or to enhance their career in other professional fields. Mature candidates with requisite qualifications may also be considered.

Career Opportunities

BSc. HRM Graduates may work in the fields of human resource management or employment relations in all areas of the private and public sectors. They will take up responsibilities for helping formulate policy and its implementation in the context of changing national and industry-based employment practices. There are opportunities to assume advisory and consultant positions, industrial officer positions in employer associations and unions, or to operate as private consultants.