PAID Foundation (PAIDF) was created in Geneva in December 2012, by a Notary Mr. VINCENT BERNASCONIN under ART.80S SD U CCS. It is registered in the Register of Commerce of Republic of Switzerland and Canton of Geneva and is controlled by the Surveillance organ of the Switzerland Foundation in Bern. The foundation is tax exempted.

Pan African Institute for Development Foundation (PAID-F)

Its vision is identical to that of PAID that it supports. To be the reference centre for concerted, decent and sustainable economic, social and cultural development of the African continent bringing together in every country all persons without distinction of race, nationality, religious origin, or belief and the Association shall accept no gifts, grants or contributions from any public or private institution which is subject to a condition contrary to its political and religious neutrality (see Article 2 of the Statute of the Association).

•    To contribute to the sustainable development of Africa through supporting Training,        Action –research and support-consultancy activities of the Pan African Institute for Development and its Regional Institutes;
•    To be innovative in development (action-research in zones-laboratories);
•    To be a platform of meeting and creativity for the future Africa;
•    To contribute to the efforts of increasingly secure, sustain and ensure the continued existence of funding for PAID (the General Secretariat and the Regional Institutes) and its activities;
•    To search for/ seek all possible sources of funding especially through sponsors and international foundations and companies, in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the international Association PAID that would allow the institute to support its activities;
•    To safeguard the foundational objectives of PAID and its core working values which have accounted for its development/growth and international reputation (the presence of its founders in the administrative body of the foundation);
•    To propel PAID to pan-African and global levels in close collaboration with the General Secretariat of PAID and the Regional Institutes and to make it a converging point for deliberation and inventive ideas in favour of Africa and its peoples in this global village;
•    Finally, and still in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the association, to establish international relations with development training institutions and universities in all  continents.

Two slogans:

PAID: Unemployment = zero

PAID: Number ONE training for the African development


  1. TRAINING                                                                                                                  Training of the senior executives (Professional First Degree and Professional Master Degree) in the following specializations: 
  • Business management ;
  • Social and solidarity Economy; 
  • Food security and sovereignty;
  • Decentralization and local council management ;
  • Integration and global development (globalization); 
  • Training of leaders of the civil society; 
  • Peace and development. 

From laboratories zones (intercommunication training-research-supports)

    On the demand of the governments, the regional organizations and enterprises.